FAQs & Privacy Policy

Answers to some frequently asked questions, plus privacy info for visitors to this website.



  • Have a look at the Business pages which have information for website operators and businesses. You will also learn how to better communicate your expectations if you have a third-party managing your website.
  • Prior to being listed on this website, advance notice of security issues is usually provided as a courtesy, when contact info is available. Make sure you have an email address listed on your website because contact forms can be unreliable, especially if served on an insecure page.
  • Images on this site are either sourced from the Public Domain or are reduced size and quality screen shots of websites, which are fair use under Intellectual Property (Unregistered Rights) (Jersey) Law 2011.
  • If you need further technical assistance try the JT Directory or the Digital Jersey Member Directory.

Privacy & Cookies

This website respects your privacy by design, and therefore does not use any browser cookies, visitor tracking, or analytics code, nor do we collect visitor logs.

Additionally, we set a number of server security "headers" to protect you including Referrer-Policy: no-referrers, which means that when you click a link to an external site, your browser does not disclose the site you came from. The only exception to this policy is the Contact page, as the service providing the contact form requires referrer data to prevent abuse.