Jacksons Premier Car Dealership

Car dealership and services with service booking and valuation forms collecting personal data via insecure web pages



What is the problem?

Premium auto dealership with multiple online forms collecting personal data and vehicle info via insecure web pages. Their Privacy Policy is actually pretty good overall and easy to read, however it states “We will do everything within our power to keep your information safe, however data transmission via the Internet is not completely secure therefore we cannot guarantee the security of your data in transit.”

However it is not clear why data is sent unencrypted, with no effort made to protect customer data from interception, when adding encryption is so simple and inexpensive, and specifically recommended by Jersey’s Information Commissioner.

For context, imagine a car dealer saying that driving is not 100% safe, and removing all airbags, seatbelts, and other safety devices from your car because they do not guarantee your safety. Time for a rethink.

Disclosure Policy

Prior to public disclosure, notification about any privacy or security issues discovered were sent by email to the operator of this website on 4th August 2018, using either an email address publicly discoverable on the site, or the RFC 2142 standards compliant address "webmaster@..." if no public email address was provided.

At time of posting the issue had not yet been resolved.